Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations (How to plan a party)

How to plan a celebration? How to plan a party? They all have many aspects in common when you start planning. The scale of the event and the budget are 2 key factors. You could set a budget, however, it may be best to plan the party that you really want first and see what the cost will be, then do some number-crunching to make it work. It all starts with selecting the venue and making a guest list. As a rule, the host should not be tied to a station like serving drinks or the barbecue, so hiring some service providers is a sensible option. Here are some useful images.


  1. If you are just thinking of a small dinner party, youwill enjoy the top tips mentioned in this next video. Be sure to rewind or make notes.
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  3. Many of my clients add entertainment to their dinner party and hire a small acoustic ensemble. This is more interesting than playing chart songs in the background. Depending on the scale of your party, it may be an idea to find a party planner or a company which provides thatservice. Here is a unique suggestion for a 50th birthday party with a combination of themes.
  4. 50th birthday celebration ideas (Theme ideas for parties)
  5. All it takes is some imagination, but if you are cash rich and time poor, then an experienced planner can follow your brief and make it happen. Here is another example for 30th birthday parties.
  6. 30th birthday party ideas (Party themes and celebrations)
  7. For corporate events and company parties, there are a number of event management specialists to choose from. In my experience of covering many events, the standard just gets better and better. This web link contains some useful top tips for planning corporate events and includes a video of a planning interview.
    Social media is also very useful when planning your party; one obvious example is by leveraging the benefits of Twitter. Going forward, you may consider using an App to customise your guestlist by inviting people with specific common interest. This is useful if youare a person who regularly plans parties and events. Smartphones and tabletswill soon have AR functionality which allows event organisers to manage theguest list more discretely on the day of the event. If the ideas work, pleaselet me know and send any gratuity via the website contact details on Twitter/bigsands, this is entirely discretionary.
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