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Are you really thinking about Christmas in August?

Christmas parties, Christmas party themes, Christmas buffet, Christmas presents for colleagues; it's still summer for Christ sake!! That was my thinking years ago, but nowadays Christmas planning starts very early just to secure the best venues and services.


  1. If you want to secure a good venue for your work Christmas party, you need to get moving and making a booking, especially if you want a key date like Friday 19th December or Saturday 20th December. All the top venues are probably booked on those dates by now and you will have to look much further for another venue. Then, there are all the other services like bands for hire and professional catering, etc, etc, they get booked just as early.
  2. It would be great if all of this was placed on hold until a starting gun goes off, say on the first of December, but you can imagine the mad rush and chaos that idea would cause, so instead we have to tolerate Christmas tweets and promo in August when we are still having summer parties.  
  3. But, as they say, "It is, what it is," and as Paul says in the sci-fi film, "Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice." Soon the Christmas adverts will be all over the television and unless you have a block button for adverts, it will be hard to avoid them. For today at least, I am off to cover a wedding event with the band and we also have a busy run of summer themed parties to complete before we start switching to carols.
  4. Christmas carols, from a sonic perspective, actually sound amazing when performed on steel drums. Okay, I can almost hear your reaction, but it is actually quite true. Maybe it's the melodic nature of the carols, who knows? 
  5. Kings College Choir - Christmas Carols 24 dec 2011