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A festival from the cultural capital of Europe

Steel drum bands, sound systems, food, fashion, drinking, dancing, walking, whining and much more; this is all happening at the famous Nottinghill Carnival. Here is a snapshot.


  1. There are many who claim that London is the cultural capital of the world and from the evidence in these amazing tweets it is hard to argue against that assertion.
  2. For those who don't know what whining is, have a look.
  3. London Carnival 2012 POLICE whining
  4. Just imagine if this was all happening in your city today. A full day of non-stop partying where everyone comes together to have fun with steel bands and live music.
  5. All cities should have a day of celebration like the Nottinghill Carnival. Many cities have major sporting events like a marathon or cycling event and some host Formula 1 racing, but there is nothing which compares to a full-on street party. Just ask the people from Rio de Janeiro.
  6. In our business, our steel drum band is hired to create a carnival atmosphere at private and corporate parties but this is only for a privileged group of people who can afford the service.