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40th birthday celebrations (What to do for my birthday?)

How to celebrate my birthday? Shall I have a party? How many guest to invite? Can I invite my Ex? You will be amazed by the questions that arise when someone is planning a birthday party. The 40th birthday is so important that some people celebrate in 2 or 3 phases and include a holiday, as shown in this brief video. The strategy can be used by women and men who are turning 40 and looking at party ideas and options.


  1. 40th Birthday celebrations (Ideas for women or men)
  2. There are also some great companies that can help you to have an amazing celebration and this is one of the best that I have seen.
  3. 40th Birthday Party Ideas - Great 40th Birthday Party Planners Capability Events Ltd
  4. For your 40th birthday, preparations should be made a year in advance, because this is a landmark birthday to celebrate 4 decades on the planet. Forty years of staying focused and dealing with all the challenges which have be thrown at you; all the obstacles that nearly destroyed your confidence; all the doubters who said that you could not or will never do certain things and, in the end you have stepped up and shown that you were in control of your own destiny. At some point, it would be a good idea to have a smaller celebration with the people who matter most in your life and this could be a simple garden party before the main event. Alternatively, the main event could be a garden party. The post below gives some insight and inspiration to help you prepare for such an event.
  5. If you have been very successful and are looking at unique options to celebrate your 40th birthday, you are welcome to contact me for some conceptual ideas. If you have never had a party and are looking for help with planning, the site below has a dedicated page with a list of popular and fun party themes for a fantastic 40th birthday celebration.
  6. If the ideas work, please let me know and send any gratuity via the website contact details. After the celebrations, you should spend some quality time with your favourite person and think about some amazing challenges for the next decade. The reality in 2013 is that forty is a young age and you might be around for quite some time. With the right inspiration and surrounded by positive people, you can do many great things. It all starts with an idea.  

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