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30th Birthday Ideas (What to do for my birthday)

How to celebrate my birthday? Shall I have a party? These are some of the most frequently asked questions. The 30th birthday party is an opportunity to flex your financial muscles and treat yourself. This party should be planned at least a year in advance to secure the best venue, catering and entertainment. This is the party where you make a big statement and create lots of exciting features. Here is one example.


  1. Kate Middleton's 30th Birthday Plans
  2. From compiling your shortlist of party entertainment ideas through to selecting the most chic venue, the entire process needs careful thought and execution. With some imagination, you can easily create an enjoyable party without spending too much money. This can be done by having an awareness of what your guests would really appreciate. If money is not a concern, then you can significantly raise the standard by hiring the best venue or choosing to stage the event at a new landmark that most guests would not have visited.
  3. The Shard - a new landmark for London
  4. This creates wow-factor as everyone arrives and are amazed by the concept that you have managed to deliver. You could set a budget, however, it may be best to plan the party that you really want first and see what the cost will be, then do some number-crunching to make it work. If you have never planned a party, you may enjoy some of the theme ideas on this site.
  5. Themed parties are great fun if everyone sticks to the concept. The security at your party should enforce this, but you could also be kind and have a changing room with a handful of props to help.
    A roof top party is very trendy and hiring a live band is a good choice for entertainment, especially as you watch the sunset, sipping champagne. You could also consider making it a sunset party with a beach theme.
  6. For your 30th birthday celebrations, you could easily collaborate with other close friends who are also turning thirty and increase the scale of your party. However, some care is needed to ensure that the party remains exclusive. Invited guests only!
  7. Parliament Pub Midtown Crossing, July 10th, 2010. Birthday Party Madness!
  8. If you are thinking of using a party planner, this next video will help to give you some perspective on the service.
  9. 30th birthday party ideas (Party themes and celebrations)
  10. If the party is a success, your friends will be tweeting about it for hours. You can then post the best images on Facebook or set up a Pinterest page. After turning 30, you should treat yourself to an immediate holiday. Everyone could use some quality time and the next 10 years will be very challenging and exciting, so a holiday is the best way to unwind and refocus.
  11. I hope that you enjoyed these suggestions and your 30th birthday celebrations are a success. If the ideas work, pleaselet me know and send any gratuity via the website contact details. Please share with friends and you are welcome to follow me on twitter/bigsands