18th Birthday celebrations (Successful birthday planning ideas)

How to celebrate my birthday? What shall I do for my birthday? Where shall I go for my birthday? Who to invite for my birthday party? There are so many questions to think about when planning a party, but, it is all worth the effort. The 18th birthday is one of the landmark parties in your life and must be celebrated in a way that you will always remember. Have a look at this party idea and enjoy the relationship between 2 supportive friends.


  1. 18th Birthday Celebration ideas (Planning and financing)
  2. Financing your 18th birthday celebrations will be a key consideration. With youth unemployment in many cities being at an all time high, it may not be a sensible idea to over spend on celebrating your birthday. Dinner at a restaurant with your inner circle of friends is one lower cost option. However, if the cost is not a consideration, then have dinner with your inner circle at a fine dining restaurant and enjoy the experience of 5 star services. Choose a restaurant which overlooks the city or one which has tables near the window looking out on the city skyline. After the dinner, you can arrange for a special Limousine to take you on a city tour and then to a night club. Arrange to be on the guest list in advance to ensure that the celebrations are seamless. If you can afford it, hire a dedicated photographer to capture your best moments. Not too many staged photos, keep it all natural. If you would also like a big party and have never planned one before, have a look at our suggestions and party themes.

  3. Share the party vision with your parents and ask nicely for help to make the dream come true. Thank them for helping and ask that they keep a low profile during the birthday celebrations. If you are in two minds about which idea to use, send an email from the website contact page and I will try to help. One popular highlight is to have a celebrity guest at your party, however, this will consume a substantial amount of the budget. You could opt for an additional present instead, or even a holiday. You could also consider staging the entire celebration at an exotic location and host a sunset party.

  4. Whichever options you choose, remember to buy a present for the person who has paid for your party. You should also try to share your birthday with the person who means the most to you. After the party, you can post the best images on Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media sites. Be careful what you post as future employers, partners, friends, etc will trawl through the images.
    It is great to be 18 and you will feel energised and inspired to take on the world. I hope that your birthday party is a success and wish you all the best for the future.

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