Jessica Sanchez: First World Idol

how fans tuned in to the finals of American Idol, anticipated the win of Jessica Sanchez and saw how she was crowned World Idol


  1. When Jessica Sanchez made it to the Top 2 of the American Idol, her fans around the world, especially in the Philippines, were ecstatic. Jessica Sanchez is after all half-Filipina.
  2. It was therefore a battle between 16-year old Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips. And during the Finals night, the two singers showed how it was to sing with their hearts out. After that night, many were making their own predictions. Many thought that Jessica's choice for a final song wasn't the right choice.
  3. Jessica Sanchez: Change Nothing - Top 2 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11
  4. Sensing trouble for Jessica, Filipinos around the world, especially those living in the United States started campaigning for votes for Jessica. Every Filipino, even in the town of Samal in Bataan where her mother grew up, was hoping and praying for her to make history as the youngest American Idol and the first Filipino-Mexican to win. 
  5. During the Finale night, everyone was glued to their TV sets and laptops (searching for live streaming videos of American Idol). Everyone was waiting and rooting for Jessica Sanchez.
  6. Every one was still up on their toes eager to hear the winner's name. With both singers showing great talent, the results could swing both ways.