A flood of stories on Twitter

While the Calgary Police used Twitter to share emergency tips during the flood - prompting a temporary shutdown of service - people from throughout the city were using the social networking service to share their photos, stories, well wishes and even the odd joke. Here is sampling:


  1. Some of the photos shared online were spectacular, including this image of what could still be seen of the 10th Street Bridge.
  2. And this one of the city's East Village, covered in water.
  3. And this view from Scotsman's Hill.
  4. And this aerial shot of the Calgary Zoo.
  5. There were many words of thanks being shared.
  6. And even photos of the emergency workers in action.
  7. Others tried to help in their own way. This Twitter user found a dog, and posted the image in hopes of reuniting the pup with its owner.
  8. Helping others was on the minds of many.
  9. Others were thinking ahead to the inevitable aftermath.
  10. But even in the wake of tragedy, there was humour to be found online. Some of it sweet ...