Md Firoz Ahmad

I believe there is possibilities every where

Miguel Rodriguez

Director of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival and Podcast. Broadening analysis of stigmatized film, art, and literature--to understand the misunderstood.

Piyush Jha

Intern at India Today and Dreamer, thinker, writer, tripper, reporter, observer, loner, believer, philosopher, engineer, admirer, traveller.

Monique Jones

Writer of race and culture in media at New @EW community contributor. Not all rts=endorsements.

अतुल त्रिवेदी

શું લખવુ , બધુ કોરા છે

Vikas Chandra

born n' brought up on a hardcore diet of bolly-movies.. now trying to make sense of the world thru the same prism. Views are strictly personal.

Cheryl Malaguti

Super-lefty hs mom, über-right area. Equal rights for all regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious views. I endorse not being a dick. Progressive.


Bitch. Since 1066. A.k.a Prof. BuJi Brezhnevkuttan and The Bolivarian Republic of Banaswadi.

The Periscope


Rashmi Singh

Lecturer Terrorism Studies@CSTPV. Full-time traveller. Interested in politics, IR & all things terrorism. Usually found in libraries or gyms. All views mine.

Music was my first Love and it'll be my last ... Am a professional fool and I am watching YOU !!!! :D Admin #SonuNigamForum

chiara (in surrey)

Formerly @OxfordLinguist. See here: Linguist at Magdalen College, Oxford. WoC rep at @womcam. Ismaili Muslim. British Asian. 20.

Old Monk. New Bottle.


I tweet carefully edited truths.


Missed the bus. Ran after it a bit. Gave up and cycled instead.