Monique Jones

Writer of race and culture in media at New @EW community contributor. Not all rts=endorsements.

अतुल त्रिवेदी

શું લખવુ , બધુ કોરા છે

Vikas Chandra

born n' brought up on a hardcore diet of bolly-movies.. now trying to make sense of the world thru the same prism. Views are strictly personal.

Cheryl Malaguti

Super-lefty hs mom, über-right area. Equal rights for all regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious views. I endorse not being a dick. Progressive.


Bitch. Since 1066. A.k.a Prof. BuJi Brezhnevkuttan and The Bolivarian Republic of Banaswadi.

The Periscope


Rashmi Singh

Lecturer Terrorism Studies@CSTPV. Full-time traveller. Interested in politics, IR & all things terrorism. Usually found in libraries or gyms. All views mine.

Music was my first Love and it'll be my last ... Am a professional fool and I am watching YOU !!!! :D Admin #SonuNigamForum

chiara (in surrey)

Formerly @OxfordLinguist. See here: Linguist at Magdalen College, Oxford. WoC rep at @womcam. Ismaili Muslim. British Asian. 20.

Old Monk. New Bottle.


I tweet carefully edited truths.


Missed the bus. Ran after it a bit. Gave up and cycled instead.


Writer. Editor. Bollywood fan.

Trolls welcome


I was born beardless. I got better.