The Berry College Eagles

The Year of B6 and B7


  1. Mom Berry returned to the nest on September 9, 2015
  2. Both Mom and Dad Berry were back by September 16, 2015
  3. Over the next few months, Mom and Dad Berry went about their "nestorations" in preparation for a new clutch. They brought in a variety of new sticks to strengthen the "crib rails" and lots of grass to pad the bedding.
  4. Throughout December and January, eagle watchers from around the world held their breath in anticipation for the first egg! Our eagles kept us on pins and needles while they continued "nestorations" and mated regularly.
  5. Finally...the big day arrived! The first egg was laid on January 7, 2016!
  6. And the second followed on January 10, 2016 (three days after the first, as predicted.)
  7. Mom and Dad took turns incubating the eggs, alternating with hunting, and making sure the nest was stocked with fish, water fowl and squirrels.
  8. Waiting anxiously for the new eaglets to hatch, eagle viewers kept vigilant during "Pip Watch". Pips are the small tiny cracks in the egg shell as the eaglets attempt to emerge.
  9. Finally, all the waiting paid off and B6 hatched on Valentine's Day around 7:33 p.m.! B7 followed right after on February 15 around 2:13 p.m.