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For the past 10 years, Bernard Safatli, has served as an “Ambassador of Motivation and Success” within the world of business throughout the globe. His passion lies within the psychology of leadership, peak performance, Effective business strategies, and the secrets to everlasting success. Bernard has made success stories of many Small to Medium enterprises and Executive/life coaches throughout the years, and he relishes in revealing the secrets that he knows will ensure your success today! Bernard Safatli is the owner of the “Ultimate SME Advantage” and the “Ultimate Coaching Advantage” and to find out more about his next course, follow the link provided: Successful Entrepreneur and Ultimate Business Strategist: Bernard Safatli is considered an Ultimate Sales and Marketing Expert for the work he has done with Small to Medium Businesses within the region. Through his expertise, Bernard brings clarity and understanding to many issues that business owners and organizations have to deal with. Whether it is marketing trends, creating the ultimate sales process, or establishing a powerful brand identity, each facility is designed to educate and inspire Entrepreneurs to succeed. Bernard has had the privilege of learning and modeling excellence from some of the greatest Sales and Marketing Guru’s in the world; and has used this knowledge to help enterprises grow at a consistent rate, allowing them to become more profitable. Some of the courses Bernard offers are: The secrets to Online Marketing: Learn the unfair tools that the most successful marketers are using today to generate endless streams of leads or clients. Become a “Celebrity” on Social Media: How to create a successful Social Media presence. How to create Recurring income: Learn the steps in order to create a successful membership program, where you can make money even while you are on vacation. The Ultimate Sales Advantage: How to become a Master at Influence and Sales. Become a Marketing Master: Learn to avoid the pitfalls that companies who fail continuously do, and learn the secrets to double your sales within one year. The Art of becoming a powerful Presenter: Learn the secrets on how to be confident speaking in front of any crowd while being able to get your message across and ultimately influence your audience in your favor.