HMV, Twitter and Corporate Narratives #hmvXFactor

Here's a lesson in managing corporate narrative in the age of pervasive communications.


  1. Poppy Rose explains what happened with the @hmvtweets account and the #hmvXFactor hashtag. To be fair, this is happening in real-time and I have not had a chance to vet this. Is it real? Is it a hoax? Is it a hacker?

    In some respects, it doesn't matter. If it's real, it's a case study in what I call FUD -- Full Unwanted Disclosure. If it's a hacker or a hoax, it represents the challenge of dealing with all the voices that make up your corporate and brand narrative. This meme is out there and will require careful remediation.

    UPDATE: I guess it's real. @hmvtweets "corporate" response added at the bottom

    So it all started here (these tweets have been deleted by @hmvtweets:
  2. ...and the explanation by the person responsible...
  3. HMV deleted the tweets from the @hmvtweets account, but the trail is out there...
  4. Here is HMV's initial response:
  5. Note the use of #hmvxfactorfiring hashtag. Getting the message into what's trending is a good move.
  6. And then the change the hashtag to #savehmv. Trying to shift the narrative?