#SCTPBerkman Day 1: Collaborative Mapping Session

Exploring Common Goals and Identifying Common Means


  1. Berkman Center Executive Director Urs Gasser welcomes representatives from over 40 countries to Cambridge for the opening session of the Symposium on Internet-DrIven Developments: Structural Changes and Tipping Points. 

  2. To start off the symposium, participants had the chance to meet one another in small group breakouts. 
  3. Berkman Center Co-Founder Charlie Nesson enjoyed the opportunity to meet other participants during this first break-out session. 
  4. Common Goals
  5. Reconvening as a large group, we discussed common goals, exploring the questions, problems, technological endeavors, interventions and other collaborative activities that attendees and their research institution are most excited about or find to be most pressing.   
  6. Then, responding to the questions and challenges that individuals shared, participants again convened in small groups (mixing it up to meet new folks from our diverse set of participants). 

    In this time, they discussed the common goals that had just been shared, with an eye to transitioning into our next large group conversation on common means that might allow us to address questions and challenges and accomplish our substantive objectives. 
  7. Photo by berkman_center * Instagram
    Photo by berkman_center * Instagram
  8. Common Means
  9. Joining together as a large group once more, we pivoted our discussion to think about common means. In particular, we considered what approaches, tools, structures, strategies, technologies, venues, resources, and so on we need to realistically make meaningful, joint progress towards realizing our common goals? More broadly, we also focused on how to move from conversation to sustained collaboration? We were interested in thinking about not only shared best practices, but also potential barriers, shared challenges, and strategies for overcoming them?
  10. We wrapped up this portion of the program with an overview of what participants can do over the next three days of the symposium. 
  11. Photo by berkman_center * Instagram
    Photo by berkman_center * Instagram