OER Grantees Meeting 2012: Synthesis & Transition Talk

Wednesday, April 11th / Moderated Discussion with all Attendees: Synthesis / Transition Talk: When Open Encounters Different Classrooms


  1. Synthesis Discussion: John Palfrey (Mod)
    Building on the day's discussions, this session will aim to distill and synthesize the key factors and potential intervention points that determine the impact of open resources across educational contexts.
    * Students come first when creating OER materials and building tools: take diversity into account
    * OER lowers the barrier in traditional learning
    * Localization and customization (linguistically, culturally, institutionally)
    * Outreach beyond classrooms, making the movement more mainstream
    * Adopt "Open Policy" in OER movements (open access for all publicly funded projects)

  2. Transition Talk: Justin Reich on re-thinking the OER ecosystem
    * Builders, facilitators, learners are not dichotomous: we need to integrate supply/demand chain
    * How would OER work in a profoundly inequitable school system? Is OER disproportionately benefiting affluent institutions/students rather than those who are not?
    * We should rethink delivery mechanims to ensure that innovation targets those who need it the most