OER Grantees Meeting 2012: Stakeholder Perspectives

Wednesday, April 11th Moderated Roundtable Discussions: Key Stakeholder Perspectives (Learners, Facilitators, Builders)


  1. Perspective #1: Learners
    Katie Davis, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Mod)
    Vicki Davis, Flat Classroom Project
    Geanne Rosenberg, Baruch College
  2. Katie Davis on challenges of OER:
    * How can we make OER relevant for young learners in the context of who it's for, who's using it, how it's used?
    * Precisely because it's open, difficult to find hard statistics about how OER is being used by young learners
    How to make OER relevant, imp to clarify who it's for, whos using, how its used
    * How to bridge the disconnect between formal and informal learning in OER

  3. Vicki Davis on flattening the classroom
    * Teacher-sourced projects from kindergarten through college with active involvement from teachers, parents, students
    * Importance of vision and network in flattening the classroom: Not network, no sustainability
    * 4 ways to build network of students: (1) welcoming 1st impressions; (2) last impressions (memories, milestones, celebrations, kaizen); (3) build community of practice; (4)
  4. Geanne Rosenberg on engaging citizens in the digital age
    * Students and public no longer passive information consumers; they are navigators, finders, creators, sharers and publishers
    * Schools still teaching out of traditional textbooks even though students have more access to information via internet; need for empowerment for better search skills, information verification, etc.
    * How to help students develop critical thinking skills in the digital age? (need to seek out accuracy, quality of information, credibility, evidence)
    * What are the implications of teaching students to think critically--and not teach them so?
  5. Perspective #2: Facilitators
    Juan Carlos de Martin, NEXA Center for Internet & Society (Mod)
    Jonathan Bergmann, Flipped Classroom
    Cathy Casserly, Creative Commons
    Alex Kozak, Google
  6. JC de Martin on experiences of educators with OER in various settings
    * What are the advantages, drawbacks, obstacles (cultural, institutional, technical)?
    * Increased pressure to contain educational costs (promoting new methods to save costs)
    * Explore the relationship between OER and teaching innovations
    * Potential of semantic web for OER
  7. Jonathan Bergmann on Flipped Classroom
    * How to increase the value of face-to-face interactions?
    * F/C as a teacher-to-teacher connection, empowerment grassroots movement
    * Importance of universal design of lea, professional development, mentoring