OER Grantees Meeting 2012: Keynote by Joi Ito

Wednesday, April 11th Keynote Speech by Joichi Ito, MIT Media Lab


  1. Introduction by Urs Gasser, Barbara Chow, and John Palfrey
  2. Keynote speech by Joi Ito
    - "Informal learning": survival without formal education through play via the internet (learning coding through video games)
    - internet is about "small pieces loosely joined (D. Weinberger)": it is about being open with open protocol, open standards, open sources, open interpretations--the exact opposite of what big institutions are all about (formal, static, rules)
    - 311 earthquake &  bGeiger project: promoting citizen to citizen connection, crowd sourced data (openly licensed via CC), open hardware to encourage sharing
    internet able to pull together
    - Learning through construction, not instructions: peer-to-peer learning, importance of passion rather than focus, extending the focus outside the classroom