OER Grantees Meeting 2012: Cluster Meetings, Presentations & Moderated Discussion

Thursday, April 12th (11:45am-2:00pm)


  1. Cluster Meeting #3
  2. Project & Discussion: Textbooks, Casebooks & H2O
    Jonathan Zittrain, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
    * Start Simple: there's no need to reinvent a tool; use existing tools like SSRN (and its download counter) to incentivize faculty to upload their work as open source materials
    * H2O Classroom Tools: tools that facilitates connections, both within and outside of a formal classroom environment
    * 3 types of teachers: (1) innovators; (2) orthodox; (3) fundamentalist
  3. Moderated Discussion with all Attendees: Review of the OER Ecosystem
    Cathy Casserly, Creative Commons
    * Open means (1) free (no cost) access; (2) legal rights
    * Need for high quality open repositories; how to continue to evolve it
    * Machine-readable meata-data
    * How do we think about open policies by governments, foundations and other entities (international, national and local levels)?
    * Research needs on: (1) economic metrics; (2) feedback loops for improvement
  4. Presentation & Discussion: OER for Scale
    Rich Baraniuk, Connexions
    * Lack of sustainable business models
    * Focus on resources
    * Informal instructor sharing
    * Personalized learning system based on cognitive science and using open source software
    * Scalable platform: re-thinking of our tool sets (ease of use, quality of output, better services for mobile delivery)