#PrepUWIB Millennial Women in Biz Twitter Chat

Betsy Myers, Founding Director of the Bentley University Center for Women and Business, discussed the key challenges and perceptions young women in the workplace are up against. Read the summary and share your solutions on Twitter using #PrepUWIB!


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  2. Betsy Myers kicked the chat off with a revealing stat from the Preparedness Study
  3. Interestingly, this finding tends to mirror U.S. labor market statistics, which shows that women account for more than half (53%) of all entry level professionals at big industrial companies, according to McKinsey and Company. 
  4. We asked what skills and strengths millennial women have that contribute to their success in entry level jobs. Right off the bat, Andrew Henck from @MillennialTweet chimed in, offering his perspective. 
  5. Finding #2 was in stark contrast to the perception that women are better prepared than men for their first jobs...
  6. With the research showing that women's perceived "advantage" in the workplace doesn't translate into general career success, Betsy had to ask:  
  7. Some weren't too surprised, realizing that gender bias is still an unfortunate reality in today's workforce. 
  8. So, what's driving the perception? 
  9. You can read the PreparedU research to learn more about what this perception may be rooted in, but one thing's for sure...
  10. There's no question that corporations play an important role in closing the gap in gender bias, especially when it comes to work-life balance. Mentorship is key, too.