Bentley Hosts FOX25's College Tour October 10, 2013

As part of a new, 6-week “College Tour” series, FOX25 broadcast live from the Smith/Library Quad on Bentley's campus from 6 to 10 AM on Thursday, October 10th. FOX25 commentator Doug “VB” Goudie and Morning News Reporter Elizabeth “Lilly” Hopkins interviewed President Larson and many others.


  1. Flex the Falcon joined mascots from the other schools participating in the College Tour at the FOX25 studios the week before the live campus broadcast.
  2. Flex Visits FOX25 Morning News
  3. Multiple groups and offices throughout the Bentley community put out the call to Falcons on campus and beyond to attend the broadcast or watch or record at home.
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  14. When the big day came, students, staff, falcons, and, uh, giant cups of iced coffee were indeed up bright and early, with great enthusiasm, and great numbers: hundreds of students were on hand during even the earliest segments of the broadcast.
  15. Who says college students always sleep late? These Falcons brought incredibly high energy to the quad.
  16. The Bentley enthusiasts! @fox25news #FoxAtBentley
  17. VB kicked off the morning's interviews with President Gloria Larson, backed up by a crowd of vocal admirers.
  18. President Gloria Larson speaks to @fox25news #FoxAtBentley
  19. FOX25's producers and social media folks took note of the energy on hand....