Bentley Success in the City, August 2013

Last month Falcons flocked together in the concrete canyons of the Big Apple as groups of marketing and finance undergraduates met with Bentley alumni, gracious hosts who provided insights into what it takes to make it in the city that never sleeps. Check out some of the online conversation...

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  1. Marketing track student Melissa Sanchez got into the swing of things like a seasoned NYC commuter...
  2. Bentley Undergraduate Career Services' Alyssa Hammond (Sr. Assoc. Dir.) was on hand with other Bentley staff and administrators to help students take full advantage of the networking opportunities during this tenth outing of "Success in the City,"...and to model the proper intake of caffeine.
  3. Student Cat Maclang was one of the excited students in the finance track for the day, accompanied by Kristine Vidic, Sr. Assoc. Director of Undergraduate Career Services.
  4. From public relations to broadcasting to investment to financial services and more, Bentley alumni stepped up from a range of firms to bring undergraduates in and let them kick the tires as they consider their career paths....
  5. Throughout the day, students asked the kinds of probing questions Bentley has trained them to ask, as they got immersed for the day in the issues confronting various professional fields.
  6. Career Services staff loved it when alumni hosts echoed the message of the importance of career preparation for today's undergrads...
  7. As the day progressed, students' impressions of what it would be like to work in New York had them thinking about the possibilities for the future...
  8. Bentley 2012 alumna Edelisse Nelson, an Account Executive at Clear Channel Communications and iHeart Radio, explained how Bentley helped her realize the career opportunities available for her in a sales/marketing position.
  9. Bentley Success In the City August 2013