Ecowar, July 2012

No new stories were posted to the Ecowar blog July 2012. Generally, I write up fewer stories since publishing the book. But I started tweeting pretty much every online story I find in stead. Here is a summary of the month of July 2012 in Ecowar as tweeted and retweeted.


  1. Christian Parenti, author of Tropic of Chaos, a source for my book, interviewed on DemocracyNow!
  2. Climate Disasters' Toll Worsened by Sustained Attacks on Public Sector, Science & Regulation
  3. Rio+20

  4. Reviews and an interview

  5. Found a little quote...

  6. Follow these tweeters

  7. Water, coal, gold...

  8. Peru Declares State of Emergency As 5 Die in Protest Against Gold Mine Owned by U.S. Firm, Newmont
  9. War for territory: India, Honduras, Paraguay...

  10. An image gallery to rule them all...

  11. Since the latest review complained the book lacks illustrations I quickly created an image gallery from past blog posts etc.