2666 - the murdered women of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Reading about the hundreds or thousands of murdered women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, I cannot help but collect a few sources of information to share. Gruesome.


  1. How many cities have a Wikipedia page about the "femicides" taking place in it?
  2. The novel 2666 by Chilean novelist Roberto Bolaño details more than twenty of the murders in some detail. Here is part of one...

    "Andrea Pacheco Martinez, thirteen, was kidnapped on her way out of Vocational School 16.... When she was found, two days later, her body showed unmistakable signs of strangulation, with a fracture of the hyoid bone. She had been anally and vaginally raped. There was tumefaction of the wrists, as if they had been bound. Both ankles presented lacerations, by which it was deduced that her feet had also been tied. A Salvadorean immigrant found the body behind the Francisco I School, on Madero, near Colonia Álamos. It was fully dressed, and the clothes, except for the shirt, which was missing several buttons, were intact."
  3. Other book about these murders...
  4. Movies about it
  5. Music about it
  6. At The Drive-In - "Invalid Litter Dept."
  7. Here is a recent news article with gruesome details...