Huawei Launches "World's Fastest" Smartphone

The Chinese network and handset maker has launched its latest phone, the Ascend P2,which, the company says, runs LTE at higher speeds than any other device on the market today

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  1. The "fastest" tag is a reference to the LTE Cat 4 device, which the company says is the only smartphone device on the market that gives a theoretical 150 Mbps on LTE. In the heart of the 4.7" handset is a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, designed by Huawei themselves, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.
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  3. Huawei launch Ascend P2 at #wsjmwc
  4. How did it go down? Stuart Miles at the hardware blog The Lint was reasonably impressed, but in a world of super-high quality displays, he felt it was slightly lacking "But whilst some specs may appear to be those of a flagship device, it’s the display that sets it a notch down from the latest top flight devices," he wrote
  5. PC Mag were also reasonably impressed, but not wow-ed. "Everything else about the phone is clearly high quality, if a little bland. It has a fairly standard slab design, available in either black or white."