Tips for Guest Blogging That Will Please Google


  1. The Google’s stance regarding guest blogging is clear with the announcement that it doesn’t like the guest posts published for the sole purpose of distributing links. However, it really doesn’t mean that guest blogging itself is a bad feature. It is the good one but it is being used in a bad way.
  2. With that said, it would be worth mentioning what is wrong with the guest blogging today.
  3. It’s a specific formula that many of the SEOs are following. It mainly includes creation of content while keeping the interest of other websites in focus. There are keywords included in order to develop anchor texts for linking back to the main site. Then SEOs develop a list of sites which may be interested in posting the content. Those websites are approached using a pitch which doesn’t sound like spam. Then the sites that may be willing to post the content are requested and there you go. The post is published.
  4. It may sound very simple but there are some major flaws in this method. And these flaws can ruin your credibility over the web.

    • The first one is that the desired outcome is terribly unsatisfactory. The numbers are hard to count but it would be safe to say that percentage of success regarding getting your content approved is as low as 0.01%. It means that you will have to fire a lot of emails to a lot of recipients in order to get one copy published.
    • Although, you may be writing high quality content, the approach naturally seems the spam. This technique would work a few years back but that was the time when there wasn’t a bigger competition going on. And, therefore, the pitch would come into consideration of recipients fairly quickly and effectively.
    • A general disadvantage of posting your guest posts on ANY website is that you hand over the reputation of your brand, at some extent, to them. After they receive your content, they would have total authority to delete or change your content after publishing. They could even modify the content to defame your brand.
  5. So, what’s the ideal way of guest posting?

  6. A header statement is that guest blogging is not as complicated as the spammers have made it to look like. This right process is all about channeling the resources to make genuine marketing efforts.

    • First thing you can do is to find the industry influencers. Those influencers may not have highly optimized websites but what they must have is a strong following by the audience they target.
    • The next thing you need to do is to request them to write for your blog. You can also ask them to contribute to a white paper.
    • After getting the content from influencers, you need to post it on your website and promote it to the target audience. Since those influencers would have credibility among target audience, you will definitely be able to get attention to your blog.
    • Make sure that you are making job easier for the influencers. Try providing them with the wide array of posting options so that they would be able to pick the one that like.
  7. What is Google's view on guest blogging for links?
  8. The reason why this kind of guest posting can convince Google about your authenticity is that this content is almost impossible to automate. This very characteristic assures Google that your content promotion technique is not a spam practice.