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Tribeca Hacks <Racontr>

On Dec 7-8, 2013 was held our interactive storytelling hackathon, co-hosted with the amazing team of the Tribeca Film Institute. The perfect occasion to unveil our new platform Racontr and to discover 13 great projects. Follow this feed for a (almost) live coverage and talk to at @racontr !


  1. A bit of anticipation...

  2. Warming up

  3. Interactive storytelling keynote

  4. We've been preparing this keynote more as a handbook for participants. So here it is for all of you to enjoy as well. 
  5. Interactive writing workshop

  6. OK, we've entered a very exciting phase, discovering all these great projects. Participants are now building quick storyboards to improve their interactive narrative structure. 
  7. Finally: the Racontr demo!

  8. The setting panel to configure your project.
  9. Here is the interactive scenario builder.