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Transmedia & Interactive reading-list #10

Good projects and articles carefully read and selected about transmedia and interactive storytelling.


  1. These last two weeks have been a little crazy but very nice things emerged! First, you can relive our Tribeca Hacks <Racontr> event where our interactive storytelling software, Racontr, was presented to our first users!
  2. I also gave this keynote during the hackathon, sort of a handbook for interactive storytellers. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  3. And finally, we did our last Storycode Paris conference of 2013. We all gave little talks about stuff. Here's mine: talking about scrolling interfaces with an interactive scrolling experience. 
  4. For a global recap of Storycode Paris #6 (in French), here it is. 
  5. Must-watch projects

  6. Many lists to pick from in December so I'll let other people select the most interesting projects. First, do not miss the "Information is Beautiful" awards for best data visualizations.
  7. Then another selection of scrollitelling pieces. Special mention to NSA:Files Decoded and Killing Kennedy, my personal best of the past year.
  8. This one can seem a bit weird but NASA did some good storytelling and created a true "ambiance" with great sound design (though I feel design itself could have been improved...).
  9. For French webdoc lovers, don't miss "Le grand incendie" and its stunning content. Regarding form, no big innovation here but it's well crafted and keeps the interface in tune with stories that you don't want to "play" with. Tutorials are definitely a plus even though I feel you have to spend a few minutes to perfectly get the interface. Anyway, a must-watch. 
  10. To end on a lighter touch, these two projects have successfully mixed Mutants and JFK for one, Star Wars and Snow Fall for the other...
  11. Opinion & return on experiences

  12. Talking about NSA:Files Decoded, read this interview for a behind-the-scene interview with Guardian's Gabriel Dance. Amazing insights and a very detailed return on experience. 
  13. If you missed it like I did, you can catch up on POV's docchat with Elaine McMillion (Hollow) and Ingrid Kopp (TFI Interactive) with this Storify.