My "discussion" with Nominet about .uk domains

Nominet, the non-profit that manage all UK domains (,, etc), have been consulting on how to manage the release of .uk domains to the public. This is my discussion with them about it.


  1. They have decided to give owners years to register the equivalent .uk domain. This means the owner of will have until 10 June 2019 to register before anyone else can.

    That means if Example Charity UK, who owns want to own they have two options:

    1. They get lucky and don't buy and so on 10 June 2019, they purchase the domain - FIVE YEARS LATER THAN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO.
    2. They buy off and an inflated price - This is the much more likely option.

    As the digital manager of a UK charity, in a personal capacity I'm not very happy about this, so I asked Nominet about there decision.
  2. (I meant funny, not funning, obvs)
  3. Update, Computer World UK have covered the story: