Ben and Todd's Bogus Journey

The most exciting, eventful, heart-breaking, and heart-warming 5.5 hour car ride ever.

  1. I took the bus in, @ToddMoy drove and offered me a ride home. 

    We left the office near 1:30pm when @Tothy said "Live Tweet it!"

    And a story was born.
  2. Todd quickly informed me we were out of gas.
  3. This is when people got concerned with my dietary choices for what might be my last meal.
  4. So we then hit the road again.
  5. As we sat, I thought black and white videos would be appropriate to document our journey.
  6. Current status cc: @toddmoy #BenandToddsBogusJourney
  7. We were quickly thankful for two things: @waze and Todd's Subaru.
  8. Subaru! #benandtoddsbogusjourney cc: @toddmoy
  9. As we crawled, I began to surf the web:
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