Press Suppression at Occupy Wall Street Raid

Around 1:00am on Tuesday, Nov 15th, the NYPD moved in to clear Zuccotti Park of all protestors and equipment. Over the next 12 hours, both independent and mainstream journalists were prevented from covering the story, and 8 credentialed journalists (including AP, NPR, NY Daily News) were arrested.


  1. NPR Freelancer Julie Walker and NY Times blog The Local reporter Jared Malsin were arrested by the NYPD, along with an unknown AFP photographer
  2. You can watch Malsin get arrested at the 2:10 mark of the video below. He repeatedly states he is a reporter, and shows what he tells me is a UN press credential
  3. Update: 5 more credentialed journalists arrested, 2 from the Associated Press, 2 from, and 1 from the New York Daily News
  4. AP Assistant Bureau Chief Chad Roedemeier:
  5. New York Daily News:
  6. According to, Hedlund and freelance photographer Paul Lomax were arrested in separate incidents while wearing NYPD-issued press passes 
  7. Violence by the NYPD against journalists was widely reported
  8. New York Times Reporter Brian Stelter:
  9. NY1 Education Reporter Lindsey Christ:
  10. Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson
  11. Just as the raid began, the CBS helicopter that was filming Zuccotti Park was ordered to vacate the airspace by the NYPD, as confirmed by Reuters Social Media editor Anthony De Rosa