NYPD Interferes with the Press: Zuccotti Park Round 2

Reporters covering Occupy Wall Street's 2nd eviction from Zuccotti Park again reported widespread interference by the NYPD


  1.                                                  Photo by Andrew Katz
  2. The Guardian freelance reporter Laurie Penny:
  3. The Guardian's Ryan Deveraux tweeted this picture of a bruise given to credentialed photographer Osvaldo Filho by an NYPD officer:
  4. At 11:34pm on Saturday, March 17th, the NYPD moved in to evict several hundred Occupy Wall Street activists from Zuccotti Park
  5. In a repeat of the November 2011 Zuccotti eviction, the press was cleared from the park by the NYPD:
  6. Guardian freelancer Laurie Penny:
  7. Independent journalist Dustin Slaughter:
  8. In an echo of the first Zuccotti eviction, officers were uninterested in press credentials:
  9. Just like in 2011, many reporters said they were physically harmed by police officers:
  10. New York Daily News reporter Ciare Trapasso was clear in her criticism of the NYPD's tactics:
  11. BBC reporter Greg Palast asserted that his photographer Zach Roberts was hit with a baton during an impromptu march from the park:
  12. Michael Tracey, a freelancer for The Nation and Salon, also reported being hit as he attempted to cover the eviction, as did Columbia Journalism School student and freelancer Andrew Katz: