Bus Monitor Karen Klein's $700,000 Internet Army

A shocking video of middle schoolers verbally abusing a poorly-paid, hearing-impaired grandmother of eight hired to keep them safe on the school bus went viral on June 20th, 2012. Over 32,000 online strangers rallied to Karen's side, donating $700,000, enough for her to retire for good.



  2. Karen has announced that she is forming the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. The foundation has a straightforward goal: "to help teach kids and teens about being kind, friendly, and playing nice with others."
  3. Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation Promo
  4. The Video

  5. On June 19th, YouTube user capitaltrigga uploaded three videos of middle school students on Bus 784 in Greece, NY mercilessly harassing their bus monitor, mocking her for her weight, her low income, calling her a child rapist, and threatening to hurt her. 
  6. ***Warning: Explicit and heartbreaking language***
  7. Making The Bus Monitor Cry
  8. DONATIONS UPDATE: $700,000 raised as of 7:00pm Monday, July 23rd. 

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  9. More than 32,000 donors from across the country have donated over $700,000, enough for Karen to retire from her job as a bus monitor. People have given as little as $1 and as much as $3,000.
  10. Karen, who has worked for the Greece, NY school system for 23 years, has also received flowers, letters, and messages from around the world.
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