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Chase Clock Company Modest Beginnings


  1. Chase Clocks has a lengthy history in the layout, engineering and also production of analog and also digital clocks for the house and office. Forty years of experience has placed Chase Clocks as a premier maker and wholesaler of Vehicle Set Analog Clocks, Double Bell Alarm Clock, Mantle Clocks and Atomic Radio Controlled Digital LCD Clocks.

    Chase Clocks is privately owned and also located in Culver City, The golden state. The foundations of Chase Clocks started in the early seventies with the style as well as building of home decoration clocks. From these modest starts the firm efficiently built not only a clock company however a commercial clock system company as well as a clock parts and also part company.

    Over the forty years the clock industry has actually progressed into a dynamite business and we have been a major part of that growth. We have lead with product innovation and constant customer care.

    Today Chase Clocks management is associated with the repair of business wireless as well as wired integrated clock systems. These systems are installed at colleges, K-12 Schools as well as healthcare facilities throughout the globe.

    The clock parts department provides clock parts and also components to clock makers throughout the USA as well as world. They offer the clock manufacturers of the globe with a substantial variety of components and elements.

    The diversity of businesses that the senior management has pursued has directly benefited Chase Clocks customers. This variety has actually enabled Chase Clock to develop a much more sophisticated product. This is evident in Chase's product features, integrity and attractiveness. The item line is strong with cutting-edge innovation combined with accuracy as well as dependability.

    The clock motor used in the wall surface and mantel clocks is the Car Set motor. This is innovation at its finest. The Automobile Establish clock motor has the date of daytime saving time set directly into the electric motor. As a result, the Auto Set clocks will automatically adjust for time in the spring and fall. This clock movement does not need a radio signal to make the time adjustments.

    The Auto Set electric motor has the moment modifications set into the clock electric motor. The electric motor is sophisticated to trigger the time change both in the spring and fall at 2:00 AM.

    The radio controlled Digital LCD atomic clocks are built with a high quality receiver. The receiver on a radio controlled clock is one of the most important features. It is how a Radio Controlled Atomic Clock picks up the time broadcast.

    Our radio receiver has greatly reduced the probability of your home clock not being able to pick up the moment program from Fort Collin, Colorado. The time broadcast from Fort Collins is an AM signal as well as a good receiver is necessary to receive the broadcast.

    The radio-controlled clocks also adjust automatically for daytime saving time. The LCD radio managed atomic wall clocks will automatically adjust for the time adjustment at 2:00 AM on the day of daytime conserving time.

    Chase electric clocks have an advantage that keeps the clock operating during electrical power outages. Electric clocks are fabulous but one issue is that during power outages the clock will stop and afterwards reactivate when power is brought back. The outcome is that the clock shows the inaccurate time.

    Our UL accepted adapter on our electric clocks has an integrateded rechargeable battery backup. The battery data backup will power the clock throughout electric power outages.

    When the electric power is recovered there is no have to change the clock. The battery data backup generates the necessary power to run the clock. As soon as power is brought back the clock will certainly resort back to the electric power.

    These sophisticated features are a direct result of Chase Clocks administration's experience as well as competence. This encounter is disclosed in all facet of analog and electronic clocks from the style phase to the end product.

    This clock experience ideally placed Chase Clocks to being a dealer selling straight to its clients. We compensate our customers with factory direct rates as well as unrivaled high quality and also clock functions.

    Providing added value is a core component of Chase Clock's functional approach. As recently noted the capability of analog clocks to immediately readjust for time modifications and for electrical clocks to have battery data backup is an example of including additional worth.

    Our dealer approach enables the client not only to conserve money by buying direct but additionally provides the client with a full option of extremely functional and precise clocks. This extra worth is a nice bonus for the customer because there is no price increase for the extra value.

    The dealer to end user technique is one-of-a-kind in the clock market. Usually a wholesaler will market to a retail store like Target or Wal-Mart. The resulting savings by eliminating the retailer allows our clocks to be packaged with advanced features while keeping the rate low.

    Chase Clock's decision to build a business model in which they go from the directly to the customer has actually resulted in an ideal situation for the customer.
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