Media-Making as Plug-in

The backchannel generated during my talk at the University of Toronto - Scarborough's Digital Pedagogy Institute in August of 2014.

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  1. The talk is a modified version of my piece for Cinema Journal Dossier here.
  2. I was introducing the talk by way of explaining why we sought (and perhaps partially why we received) funding from Mellon to support digital pedagogy (as well as how I became the "Digital Learning Fellow" through the grant).
  3. It is admittedly based primarily on personal experience, but it has held true for years now.  Will those categories shift as access to digital networked tools becomes more ubiquitous?  I imagine it will, and for me that's exciting.
  4. This is a great point - in fact, though my talk was focused entirely on video, the title hints at my awareness of its framework's applicability to the use of other digital networked tools for learning.
  5. To me this is a key point: how you frame your goals - the constitutive rhetoric of your course, if you will - is a crucial guide.
  6. (Each of the videos above is a favorite exemplar of mine.)
  7. Hi Bryan. :) - @bryanalexander if you're curious.  You won't be dissappointed. :)