Of Mice & Men at Maida Vale

Of Mice & Men recorded a session for the Radio 1 Rock Show at the legendary Maida Vale studio on April 17. Here's how the afternoon unfolded...

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  1. The Californian quintet, who'd just kicked off their UK tour the night before in Southampton, were clearly champing at the bit to record their four-song set for us.
  2. While the band began unloading their gear, we asked you which songs you thought they'd record. 
  3. Briohny was the first to answer correctly, and got a virtual high-five.
  4. Today's session was recorded in one of the bigger rooms, Studio Three. Drummer Tino's kit is behind that wall of glass in the centre of the photo below.
  5. Frontman Austin Carlile doesn't need to lug any cabs into the studio, so relaxed in the control room and told us about the first night's show in Southampton. The verdict? "Great."
  6. Tino's kit was set up. The sparkles may explain Austin's decision to wear sunglasses indoors.
  7. Here's Valentino Arteaga testing the levels for his drumkit. Sounds good to us.
  8. Tino sound checking before Of Mice & Men's session at Maida Vale
  9. Austin did some vocal warm-ups. Are you ready, Austin?  
  10. At Maida Vale with Of Mice & Men.
  11. The band quickly recorded a version of Bones Exposed, taken from their new album, Restoring Force.
  12. Guitarist Phil Manansala takes time out from rocking faces.
  13. Bassist Aaron Pauley and frontman Austin Carlile get ready for another take.