18 años. Estudiante de Comunicación Digital en la UNLP. -Sólo hazlo. Hagámoslo juntos. Stand as one. #BelieveInLove I never give Up.


Medical historian PhD cannabis medicine #IACM2015 #cannabismasters2016 #psychoactivesupper

Paula Rivera

Music was my first love and will be the last. // Passionate about radio. // Estudiante de Comunicación Social y periodismo Universidad de la sabana.

✨Happy times, kind of. 25.04.14 wwat

Northumberland Scouts

Northumberland County Scouts - Scouting for young people in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Young Guns Network

YGN is the professional networking group produced by and for young people in the media industry. Join us now: https://t.co/2Twljizqgo

Arthur Bétito

Community Manager #SocialMediaManager #CM #Photoshop

Boo Baz Fiji & m8's

Love my Parrots & Dogs, travelling, cooking, music, tattoos & piercings Private @#ZSHQ #zsmedics + #theruffriderz

Sarabeth Henne

- Journalism | Travel | Outdoors | ASU - Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Claude S.

クロード (Claude) paints & records music for you. Why You? Why not You? Who else would I do this for? Well.. I guess I do it for me first. However, the end goal is always to affect the world I see and give it thoughtfulness. Art / Electronics / Music / Film / Life #endpop #claude #anythingbox, #thediary #claudeworks

Emma Togni

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop,

Blogger. DJ. Videographer. Freelance Journalist. Music addict. The name says it all. https://t.co/TiJ7zyxaXv

Julie Edwards

Galway girl stuck in the Big Shmoke. Journalism and Public Relations student.

What a deal!