Sunil Paudel

M.A. in Journalism & Mass Comm. from Central Dept, TU. Keenly interested in contemporary socio-cultural & political affairs. Appreciate logical dissent views.


Romy Hansen

Journalist • Student at City, University of London • ISZL Graduate • Music, fashion, art and literature •

Annie Bélanger

occasions messages

an extensive collection of occasions messages and Text sms like love . birthday. New year. Wedding and more messages

michvel chomsky



Daniel Offner

Assistant Editor @ Contributor w/,,,

Ellie Burgoyne

Facebook: Ellie Burgoyne Instagram: ellie_burgoyne

Media and journalism student

Mi introversión es un talento cultivado por años.


Colton Faull


small cute and fiesty but hates #SociopathicJuvenileWhiners upper middle class white women and girls who play victims. #FashionVictimSpecialSnowflakeHater

Laura Brant

Marketing | Social Media | Branding. Lover of car discos, gin and fine wine (not together). Views expressed here are my own, or shamelessly borrowed with credit