Access All Areas: The Bronx at Maida Vale

The Bronx are recording a Maida Vale session today for the Punk Show and the Rock Show. As part of Radio 1's Access All Areas, we'll be filling you in on everything that's going on throughout the day......


  1. It's all quiet in Maida Vale Studio 4 as we await the arrival of the band.....

  2. The Bronx have arrived and are busy loading in their gear..... Currently searching for a duffel bag containing some important equipment....
  3. Soundcheck time. Ear protection is a must! 
  4. First track being recorded is "Along For The Ride". Sounding ace! 
  5. "Along For The Ride" has been officially NAILED! Discussion now taking place about what to record next..... 
  6. Decision made. "Unholy Hand" is next!
  7. WOW! They're absolutely flying through the tracks..... "Youth Wasted" and "Ribcage".....  boshing them out! And sounded brilliant with it! True pros. 
  8. These guys don't mess around! All four tracks finished in breakneck speed.
  9. But the work doesn't end here. There's an interview to be done, gear to be loaded out and tracks to be mixed.....
  10. Matt may be fresh from an overnight flight and be in the process of losing his voice, but he's still more than happy to record an interview with us. What a gent. He chats about what it's like to record a session at Maida Vale and about the tracks they've just laid down.
  11. Once the tracks are recorded, engineer Simon does a bit of mixing to get them ready for broadcast.
  12. Meanwhile, the gear gets packed up and loaded out.
  13. The tracks are mixed and everyone's left. Time to sign off for the day. Good work!