Access All Areas: Deftones at Maida Vale

Deftones are recording a Maida Vale session today for the Radio 1 Rock Show. As part of Access All Areas, we'll be filling you in on everything that's going on throughout the day......

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  1. Arrived at Maida Vale. The load in is due to start at noon. 
  2. Today's session is being recorded in Maida Vale Studio 4, which is where the John Peel Sessions were recorded....
  3. The truck arrives and the loading in of equipment begins.... 
  4. 12:45 and the Deftones' crew are busy bringing all the gear into the studio. And there is a LOT of gear, including a rather nice rug.....
  5. Meanwhile, some people are getting involved on Twitter.....
  6. Here's that rug!
  7. Anyone got a lead?
  8. 13:30 and all the gear is in. The engineers are getting everything plugged in and set up, and the Deftones crew have gone to grab some lunch in the Maida Vale canteen.....  The band are due in 30 mins!
  9. 14:00. The band have arrived! Soundcheck currently taking place. 
  10. Dan's arrived, fresh off a train from Liverpool.
  11. First track being recorded - "Swerve City"
  12. 15:20. 2nd track is "Rosemary".
  13. Track #3. "Romantic Dreams". Sounding lovely.