Social media tools

Værktøjer der er gode at kende hvis du skal holde styr på sociale medier. Både hvis du skal redigere og hvis du "bare" skal læse. Co-created med @jacobmouritzen

  1. Best if you ask me:
  2. because you can monitor different social media and schedule post on them.

  3. Monitoring Twitter and measuring performance

  4. TweetDeck: For monitoring lists, hashtags,mentions and using several profiles).
  5. TweetReach: creates a rapport for the reach of yourtweets and/or a hashtag
  6. Klout: (plugin for chrome) (Good tool forquickly identifying influencer-tweets on a hashtagor in a conversation
  7. Topsy: (Find popular tweets)
  8. Storify: (Create your own “resume” of tweets froman event or subject).
  9. Facebook tools

  10. Measuring your reach, performance and ROMI
  11. @jacobmouritzen s favorite.
  12. Facebook insights
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