The Story of IMDb & the F-Rating, March 2017

A film rating to highlight women in significant roles on screen and behind the camera ignites international interest

  1. The F-Rating was created by Holly Tarquini at the 2014 Bath Film Festival
  2. The rating received A LOT of coverage when it was launched
  3. Bath Film Festival's F-Rating ignites worldwide debate about the lack of women on and off screen (with images) · bathfilmfest
  4. In 2015, the F-Rating invited all the independent cinemas and film festivals in the UK to F-Rate their programme, dozens have joined and are joining all the time, they include
  5. In 2016, at TEDxYouthBath, Holly gave a talk about the rating
  6. Stories Shape Us | Holly Tarquini | TEDxYouth@Bath
  7. January 2017, The Barbican joined the rating, the "F-Rated" keyword was added to 21,800 films on IMDb and Genesis Cinema in London committed to screening 52 films by women in 2017 #DirectedByWomen
  8. 5 March 2017 BBC Online published a story about the F-Rtaing and IMDb
  9. Emma Watson tweeted about it
  10. And the world's press went wild. Here are a handful of the stories
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