Bath Film Festival's F-Rating ignites worldwide debate about the lack of women on and off screen

Follow current progress of the F-rating:


  1. The new F-Rating at this year’s Bath Film Festival is awarded to films with a significant female crew (especially directors and screenwriters); films which feature women who are not just on screen to boost the male lead and films which address women’s issues.
  2. The festival chose F for feminist, as the organisers believe that equality between the sexes benefits everyone, men as well as women.
  3. In recent weeks, this rating has started to receive worldwide acclaim. The scheme that was set up to encourage a public discussion concerning the gender inequality in film has been the subject of articles on the BBC, in The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail and Entertainment Weekly, not to mention Elle and Marie Claire, as well as being widely talked about on Twitter.
  4. In The Telegraph, Radhika Sanghani writes,
  5. "If the ‘F’ rating was rolled out nationally, I can imagine that it may put some men off. Is it something that Tarquini is worried about?
    “I don’t know if I care,” she says. “Patriarchy has been putting me off a lot of things for a long time. So I don’t think I mind. We’re not saying that these films are only for women, or that they’re necessarily about women's issues .
    “[Any negative reaction is] indicative of why we have to keep doing it rather than a reason not to.”"
  6. Katy Winter of The Daily Mail suggests that cinemas may be inspired by BFF’s new F-Rating and it could potentially feature alongside the standard age ratings in the future, whilst offering many interesting facts and figures concerning the disparity between men and women’s opportunities in film.
  7. In The Independent, Kate Youde analyses the effectiveness of the festival’s rating and asks various experts and big names in the industry for their opinions on BFF’s rating as well as their general thoughts on the state of female representation in movies.
  8. The festival has obviously unravelled a subject that people are keen to debate, as the F-Rating is also being talked about by The Guardian, BBC News and both Elle and Marie Clare magazines; the latter two voicing their support for the new idea.
  9. The news migrated its way over to the States in Entertainment Weekly.
  10. Any Italian-speakers want to translate? BFF's F-Rating is being discussed over there as well.
  11. The F-Rating even made it into Mandarin! (Interestingly, of the top 11 film making nations, South Korea and China are the only ones who have the same number of women and men on the screen).
  12. The F-Rating went on to get a mention in Ed Vaizey (Minister for Culture)'s weekly bulletin:
  13. "Film

    Bath film festival introduced an F Rating designed to highlight movies which boast feminist credentials. More HERE @BBC. The idea has also been received positively with Director Elaine Constantine saying she thought the rating was "a good idea even if it only serves to highlight who the women film makers are". "