1. Official opening of #crowdcon : OliverGajda (Director ECN) & BPI France

  2. Keynote speeck 1:
    Alessandro Tappi / Head of Guarantees, Securisation & Microfinance, EIF
  3. Some of the snapshots:
    - EIF increasingly interested in CF
    - EIF does financing of small business. CF is clearly a way to finance the gap in financing paths for SME's
    - CF, AF, Fintech, Financial inclusion = an important evolutions in finance
    - Lending platforms, P2P, marketplace lenders bring organisation to the market. Invoice trading complements this additionally.
    - US still leading in the P2P sphere, UK great progress (lendingclub, tradesetter), Continental EU : development & growth, but no clear success model - but clearly growth

    New model = hybrid model :: platform/models that combine different models
    - market for rewards/financial model
    - market for P2P lending
    Close link to VC/AN, but also invoice trading

    Important to respect and be transparant for all partners in the equation: SME's, borrowers, investors.
  4. Value add for borrowers
  5. UK: EIF convinced that there's a large potential for growth. No signs of a retrenching, high growth rate.
    Continental EU: small niche markets, by operational local platforms

  6. Panel 1:
    10:15 Panel 1 - Crowdfunding within Capital Markets Union after Brexit vote: current situation and future scenarios
    Reid Feldman (Kramer Levin); Paul Massey (CrowdCube); Tero Weckroth (Invesdor); Dominique Stucki (Avistem); Simon Burns (KREAB,moderator).

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