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Steve Salaita's Controversial Tweets about Anti-Semitism, With Context

I've seen a lot of discussion of Steve Salaita's tweets about anti-Semitism, but the surrounding tweets aren't usually included. To facilitate discussion, I've collected some of Sailata's tweets here. I focused on July 18-19, the source of Salaita's two most quoted tweets about anti-Semitism.


  1. Here's Salaita's much-quoted tweet about "Zionists are  partly responsible," with the two tweets related to Zionism that came less than 20 minutes before.
  2. Here's a few tweets in which Salaita answers a question about what he'd like to see happen in Israel/Palestine. I've included this because I know some people consider calls for a secular Israel to be a sign of anti-Semitism, because such calls arguably undermine the legitimacy of Israel being a Jewish state.

  3. On "human shields," which I've included because of the mention of "Zionists."
  4. Okay, here's Salaita's infamous "something honorable" tweet, along with the tweet that came about 90 seconds prior. I think it's fair to see this as a single thought split over two sequential tweets.
  5. Michael Hessel-Mial ( @mickehesselmial ) then tweeted a response to Salaita, saying that he is "unsure how to respond to this as a jewish anti-zionist." Salaita responded:
  6. I don't want to understate how very harsh Salaita is towards Israel. So I've included the next several tweets as fairly typical examples of Salaita's frequent and angry tweeting about Israel.
  7. Finally, here are some possibly relevant tweets I found by for searching for @stevesalaita paired with "Semitism." These tweets come from outside the July 19-20 window the other tweets I've quoted come from. And, due to the difficulty of searching old twitter feeds, I haven't attempted to search for context for these tweets.