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RunJumpDev on Train Jam

This year, we had several RunJumpDev members participating in the fourth annual Train Jam! The Train Jam is a cross-country train ride from Chicago to Emeryville, California where developers make games together in a collaborative atmosphere.


  1. Leonard Wedderburn, a RJD board member, took over RJD's social media for the weekend jam, which will take 52+ hours! This is the largest Train Jam to date.
  2. Once up there, Leonard and his crew were joined by remote RJD member Jeff! As well as Dustin!
  3. Before Train Jam begins there is a nighttime event sponsored by Bit Bash known as Filthy Pixels! This year the group attended, playing some games and getting in on the local multiplayer action.
  4. But morning finally came and the crew was ready to leave from Chicago on a train! For 52+ hours! (I really can't stress that enough) and all of the cool people that are a part of the Train Jam community.
  5. But it's time to leave the station, and the Train Jam crew is all aboard: