#1000ButtonProject at Bit Bash

The 1000 Button Project is a arcade fight stick project to construct an eventual fight stick with 1000 buttons. The current fight stick iteration has 100 buttons and appeared at 2017's Bit Bash. Here's what people were saying about it.

  1. Since the 1000 Button Project is currently being shown at the Living Art and Science Center, we first had to pick it up from the LASC.
  2. First things first, we had to get to Bit Bash! All the way in Chicago, Bit Bash was a 6.5 hour drive away. So we loaded up a rented SUV and drove this crew out to Chicago.
  3. Despite the travel, the board managed to make it all the way to Chicago without a single displaced button.
  4. We stopped by early in the morning at Revel Fulton to drop off the board and set up the space so that it would be ready for the people who stop by for family hour in the afternoon.
  5. Some of our earliest players were other developers and their kids.
  6. They seemed to really enjoy it! After that, the floor was opened up for the rest of the show and we had a pretty steady stream of visitors. It was really awesome seeing everyone engage with the button board. Those first tentative pushes before they just kind of realize they can really go to town on the board.
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