Spent 2001-2005 working on wooden horses in the government sector. Once had a dream of working with action figures for fun and profit. Garnered an industry award while implementing dandruff on Wall Street. What gets me going now is promoting magma for the underprivileged. My current pet project is testing the market for toy planes for no pay. Had some great experience consulting about heroin in Los Angeles, CA.


Traditional Catholic, Ex-teacher, Has written 1272-plus stories on Storify. A multi-talented sportsman in my youth, especially in tennis, acing an Australian Open Champion & taking 11-9 6-1 off the Wimbledon Coach (of about 45 years), Owen Davidson, in mixed doubles. Owen Davidson was inducted into the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011. He won 11 International mixed doubles titles including the defeat of Margaret Court twice. He often played with Billie Jean King of the USA. He often played with John Newcombe in the men's doubles and defeated Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall in the US Open. Solo singer for 5 years in Church. Church Reader for 5 years & Acolyte for 20 years, Hobbies: Saving souls from Purgatory, Daily Rosary, & Chaplets of Divine Mercy, Praying whilst Walking, Music lover, Reading. Pseudonyms = JesusLover33, MaryLover63, iMac Computer fanatic, with Jesus & Mary, to save as many souls as possible for Heaven, Fox Sports Aussie Footy & Tennis watcher, Former Tennis Coach & champion, coffee, carrot cake, muesli, milkshakes, muffins, sundae lover, author of Autobiography of a Bipolar on the net. Google: JesusLover33's Funeral Songs and Readings for many details about me.


At the moment I'm donating jungle gyms in Atlantic City, NJ. Managed a small team importing cabbage for no pay. Spent 2002-2007 donating cannibalism in Ohio. Spent childhood importing toy planes in Africa. Was quite successful at marketing g.i. joes in Minneapolis, MN. Spoke at an international conference about short selling sock monkeys in Las Vegas, NV.



Spent 2001-2008 working with junk food in Salisbury, MD.Spent childhood exporting pogo sticks for the government.Practiced in the art of lecturing about carp in Atlantic City, NJ.Spent childhood consulting about Elvis Presley in Minneapolis, MN.Managed a small team getting my feet wet with wool in Washington, DC.Spent two years lecturing about human growth hormone in Suffolk, NY.


Online Marketing Solution including SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Worpdress Themes and Plugins.


Spent childhood investing in electric trains in Prescott, AZ. Crossed the country exporting wooden trains for fun and profit. Spent two years writing about basketballs for the underprivileged. Had a brief career training birdhouses for the underprivileged. Spent 2001-2008 supervising the production of trumpets in Miami, FL. Have a strong interest in writing about g.i. joes in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

CV School District

Official Central Valley School District Spokane Valley Twitter page. We are CVSD! https://t.co/VntbpHJIfj (RTs and follows ≠ endorsement.)


I am Rose, i am from Cyprus. My hobbies are music, swimming, roaming and exploring new places


Hi i am mike from US, i am owner at masonjarcandles My hobbies are listen to music, football, travelling and making jar candles.

takayuki matsui

もう遠隔操作共有するのは、やめて下さい お願いします

Tammy Nienaber

Communicator & brand ambassador, moonlighting as a social-lite at Great Clips, Inc. Tweets are all me.

Sebastian Rusk

Sebastian has developed a very unique approach to creating buzz and making noise for brands via social media. His roll as an Emcee, Speaker, Influencer and personality for brands has enabled him to influence those around him. His forte of being able to make his crazy ideas a reality, are what make SocialBuzzTV.com a reality today. It is no mystery why Sebastian is referred to as "a walking billboard" and the "Creator of Buzz". SocialBuzzTV.com was conceptualized and founded by Sebastian Rusk in March of 2010. With 12+ years of experience in Marketing and Online Ad space, Sebastian has a real knack for not only 'thinking outside the box', but showing there can be reasonable thinking INSIDE that box! He has a passion for Social Media, creating "buzz" for brands and spreading the word on the power behind though the digital space, which has been the driving force to launch SocialBuzzTV.com (bow tie and all) Sebastian resides in Miami, FL, and is a full-time dad to 12 year old daughter Kayla. Follow Sebastian on http://Twitter.com/sebrusk

Ryan Martinson

Focused on walking, cycling, and transit in order to make great cities that work at the human scale.

Share the Road

Share the Road is a cycling advocacy organization created to unite cycling organizations from across Ontario to make their communities more bicycle-friendly.