car insurance quotes cheap online

car insurance quotes cheap onlinecar insurance quotes cheap online


  1. car insurance quotes cheap online
  2. car insurance quotes cheap online
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. Is this a good insurance quote ?? from quinn direct!!!?
  6. ive just got a renault clio 1.3 1993 automatic k reg, very clean an just had new cam belt an sumthing else lol an new tyres lol so just passed all the mot, !!!yeah!!! lol so ive been quoted 318.56 no claim bonus im going on as provisinal driver an my partner as a full clean license. do u think that is a good one ? or can it get any cheaper lol"
  7. Do I need insurance on a 50cc moped/scooter in Oregon?
  8. ...and if so how much? I'm looking at a 1986 honda spree and saw that it gets great gas mileage, registration is cheap, it's perfect for me. I'm a poor college student, working part time, and am in need of a money saver. So an estimate of insurance IF I need it would be great! :)"
  9. What is the best car insurance company in Britain?
  10. I am 17 and looking to be put on my dads insurance. The car is a 1.4 Renault Clio and the cheapest quote is 1600. How do you get them to take the price down when speaking to them on the phone? Also I have had a bike for a couple of years with my own insurance, will this make a difference? Cheers!"
  11. "I live in CA and am about to drive to PA, but I have a lost license card which is also expired, am I insured?"
  12. I lost my drivers license about a week ago, and was just sent a letter from my insurance company which said that it was expired anyway. I would just go get a new one but I am currently living in California and will be moving back to PA in about a week. My husband is in the military so I am allowed to have a out of state license, but I am afraid that because it is expired that my insurance (state farm) may not still cover me. I am driving across the country so I need to make sure I am insured?"
  13. How much will it cost....?
  14. I live in Hemet , Southern California. I have a 9 month old son. He will be nursed until 24 months, However, he does eat some solid foods. I my boyfriend and I rent an appartment for $750- How much would our monthly income need to be to support our family? How much is utilities in my area? How much do you spend on gas? How much is car insurance? How much is it to get my car smoged? How much are monthly groceries? What other bills am I missing? Please help!"
  15. Car insurance cancellation?
  16. I took out an insurance two days ago with a company called (i-kube car insurance). I've been told that I won't be able to drive between the hours of 11pm -5am and if i drive, i will have to pay 45 fine ( a GPS will be installed in my car). I've realised that the insurance is not cheap even though i used my pass plus to get discount. Tesco and Elephant car insurance are even cheaper. They took out my deposit immediately eventhough my insurance will not start till 2nd wk in February. Is it too late to cancel? I haven't received any paper document yet and their website lacks information about cancellation. What shall I do? Should i go with a different company? Would they tell me to pay cancellation fee? They've planned to fix the GPS to my car tomorrow but i haven't agreed to the time yet."
  17. Why are my car insurance quotes flucuating so much?
  18. I'm looking for annual policies on a provisional license for my own vehicle, having looked around for a week or two (12/18th Dec) i found a quote for 680 upon refreshing my quote on the 19th December it was decreased to 480 now on the 26th i cannot find a quote for less than 860! i have not changed any of the details of the policy, except to amend the start date i understand the law is changing re: gender based risk assumptions but there seem to be many other factors involved, some which i understand, many i do not. Ideally i would like to understand the circumstances which led to the original decrease to 480. Thanks for any help anyone can provide, all the best Bill"
  19. Does anyone know of any ortho dental insurance (cheap or reasonable) in Texas? ?
  20. I need braces... I have Blue Cross Insurance but ortho isnt incuded in my plan. I am with Blue Cross through my job. I am so upset! I need this done. Or is there a place where I can get them for really cheap? (Braces)? Thanx for your help.
  21. Would having a fake nitrous system in my car increase insurance rate?
  22. Would having a fake nitrous system in my car increase insurance rate?
  23. Can you get your drivers licence if your car's insurance is not in effect?
  24. so i'm getting my licence and my car's insurance doesnt go into effect till the 20th and i get my licence before then. can i use the car even though its not in effect yet. i have an insurance card. i live in georgia btw
  25. Help! I need medical insurance! ?