Baratunde Twitter coverage of the 2nd presidential #debate. Sort of live! From #dublin!

I use Twitter to comment on things. Like debates.


  1. I had a flight from Newark to Dublin scheduled for this debate, and wasn't able to cover it live as I usually do. I began prepping my followers for the devastating news by retweeting sources I like and trying to get folks prepped and amped.
  2. Without my steady Twitter-based leadership, some of the people felt lost, but I offered what reassurances I could.
  3. As I sat on the tarmac, I tried to get out as much content as possible, like this awesome Chalk Talk from Bill Clinton
  4. President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut
  5. and then I was off.
  6. Insert six hours of flying and snoring and drooling and being told to raise my chair. When I landed, I turned on my phone, and the first notification I got was a text from a friend saying, "Fuck yes Obama!" It was a sample of one, but he wouldn't have said that if the debate didn't go the way we'd wanted, so I went out on a limb and checked in on Foursquare with this comment
  7. Once I was set up in my Dublin hotel, I pulled up the tube of yous and got started
  8. and yes, i know how to spell "college," but live-tweeting (even on time delay) is dangerous work, and proper spelling is often a casualty.