I'm not going to finish your book because you didn't tweet me back

The following is an exchange I had with a (partial) reader of my book, #HowToBeBlack. I discuss it further in my podcast. Episode here: http://soundcloud.com/baratunde/baratundecast-im-not-going-to


  1. So I've more than explained myself in my 25 minute podcast on this exchange but for those who have a life and don't want to dedicate all that time, here's the main point. The point of "social media" isn't for every author to be in constant contact with every reader. That's an extreme world full of extreme selfishness. That's what I found most offensive about the expectations Robert laid out: that if I didn't communicate with HIM specifically, I was somehow being a hypocrite or "doing it wrong." No. If I spent the amount of time required to communicate with everyone who reached out to me, I'd never have time to write books that they could then halfway read because I didn't tweet them back. Look at that, I just blew your minds. In conclusion, I only read half of Moby Dick. The author was a dick and didn't telegram me back! Doesn't he know that's how the post-mortem telegram economy works!!??

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