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Cluster munition use in Ukraine


  1. On 20 October, Human Rights Watch released the findings of its research mission to eastern Ukraine in early October, which documented civilian harm from cluster munition rocket attacks.
  2. Ukraine: Widespread Use of Cluster Munitions
  3. A range of media covered the report findings, including a New York Times feature with first-hand reporting by Andrew Roth.
  4. VICE News published the findings of its investigation into the cluster munition use in Ukraine by reporter Harriet Salem with technical assistance provided by ARES. This report highlighted additional instances of use.
  5. The United Nations, Cluster Munition Coalition, and others issued statements condemning the cluster munition use in Ukraine.
  6. Despite the evidence, Ukraine denied the use of cluster munitions or any banned weapons in the conflict.
  7. Russia highlighted the report's findings that Ukraine government forces used cluster munitions yet failed to address the findings on likely rebel use of the possibility that cluster munition rockets have been fired from Russian territory.