Get Noticed for Styke by Dressing to Impress

Designs range from solid colors and subtle patterns to two-toned colors and bright and interesting patterns.


  1. It is a fact that women have many more fashion choices than men. Dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and cute rompers are not available in men’s wear. The clothing items may be limited, but the brands and styles are not. The trick is to not dress like everyone else on the block, in the group, or at the party.

    Dressing to impress is not just for professional work days or special occasions. Men can be stylish and comfortable in casual clothing that is high-quality, affordable, and a cut above the average t-shirt and jeans. There is nothing wrong with T-shirts and jeans, but they will hardly get you noticed in a crowd.

    Comfortable Alternatives

    Jeans, sweat pants, and polyester are comfortable and low maintenance. What many men do not realize is that linen, chinos, cotton, and khaki pants and shorts are also comfortable and low maintenance. The only difference is the latter materials look classy and refined. Patterns, colors, designs, and a variety of styles offer a wide range of selection that will get you noticed. It is just as easy to dress well and look amazing as it is to dress like every other male and not get a second glance.


    Try one high-quality shirt and see the differences first-hand. The material and fit will be comfortable, the stitching and details will be crafted for durability, and the shirt will last much longer than that bargain t-shirt with the Batman logo. Casual styles like polo shirts, cotton sateen shirts, and embroidered camp shirts from top manufacturers, like bamboo cay, are sharp, cost-effective, and impress people.

    Designs range from solid colors and subtle patterns to two-toned colors and bright and interesting patterns. A pineapple print or banana leaves are fun and will capture attention. For men who are a bit more conservative, a clean white camp shirt with a palm tree embroidered on the pocket may be preferred. The point is the selection is as varied as men are, and most come in sizes that go up to a double extra-large.


    Purchase high-quality men’s fashions online to get the best pricing and the biggest selection. The bamboo cay line is great, and there are many other brands to discover in all areas of casual and more formal men’s wear. Dressing with style does not have to be expensive.